ISARIM 2019 @ ShanghaiTech University

Welcome to ISARIM 2019

The First International Symposium of Attitude Research, Innovation, and Management (ISARIM 2019), co-organized by the Attitude Research Lab of the School of Entrepreneurship and Management, and the SMART Lab of the School of Information Science and Technology, will be held from 19 to 21, September 2019 in Shanghai, China.

The symposium aims to establish a high-level platform featuring exchange among academic research and business organizations. Overseas and domestic scholars who are interested in attitude research, innovation and management are all welcomed to attend the conference. Renowned scholars from overseas and China will be invited to present their most current research findings and developments in theory with empirical evidence for discussions. In addition, we will also have young, established entrepreneurs in the field of technology innovations to share their entrepreneural experiences with the audience. This symposium aims to bring dialogue between academia researchers and practioners, building bridge between the academia and industry.

About ShanghaiTech

ShanghaiTech is a young resource-rich university with a modern residential campus in the heart of Shanghai Pudong’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park. With an academic focus on STEAM research, ShanghaiTech is committed to carrying out China’s national development strategy and nurturing the next generation of innovative scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs.
With the backing and support of the Shanghai Municipal Government and China Academy of Science, ShanghaiTech’s five schools and three research institutes seek cutting-edge solutions to address the challenges that China and the world are facing in the fields of energy, material, environment, human health, and artificial intelligence.

Confirmed Speakers


Lifeng Yang
Dengji Zhao

Academic Field

Duane Wegener
Angela Y. Lee
Richard Petty
S. Christian Wheeler
Pablo Briñol
Leilei Gao
Lee Fabrigar
Tara MacDonald
Kenneth DeMarree
Guy Itzchakov
Stephanie Lin
Dengfeng Yan
Xiaomeng Fan
Shenghua Luan
Fang Wu
Sha Zhang
Liangyan Wang
Sixue Jia

Industrial Field

Zipei Tu
  • Former Vice President of Alibaba
  • Current Founder/CEO of Data Civilization S&T
  • M.S. Information Science and Public Administration, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Representative Work: The Big Data Revolution, The New Civilization Upon Data
Chen Zhang
  • Found Link Limited Company
  • PhD in Computer Science, University of Waterloo; Postdoctoral Fellow of Computer Science, McGill University
Jingyi Yu
To be continued...